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Eliminate Indoor Allergens & Rid Your Home Of The Dust Mites Invasion

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The simple yet extremely effective solution to protect your home and your lungs. Expel and kill the dust mites in your home that are causing your annoying and uncomfortable symptoms - naturally!

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Repels & Kills Dust Mites

Relieves Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Improves Sleep

All-Natural Solution

Reasons You Will Love FreshSac


Say Goodbye to Dust Mites For Good

Dust mites can invade and inhabit every corner or your home - from your carpets, to your couches, and even your bed! FreshSac kills and repels mites at all stages of life so you can comfortably reclaim your home.


Relieves Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Dust mites are one of the most common allergen sources that people don’t even know they have. Eliminating dust mites can improve your overall respiratory health, provide relief from allergies, and reduce or even stop asthma attacks.


Reduces Skin Irritation

Eases rashes, acne, redness, and itching that can be caused by allergic reactions to dust mites.


Enjoy Peaceful, Uninterrupted Sleep

Without the uncomfortable congestion and breathing problems caused by dust mites, you can finally have restful nights of sleep that you’ve been missing.


Fast-Acting, Natural Solution

In as little as 72 hours, you’ll notice a difference in the breathability of your home, and experience relief from coughing and sneezing, all without the use of harsh chemicals!


Family and Pet Safe

Sealed pillow design and all-natural plant extract ingredients are safe for kids and pets, making FreshSac a wonderful addition to any household.

Simple & Effective

Proven to be more effective than chemical sprays, just one FreshSac can defend you and your family from dust mite invasions, killing and expelling them from your home for good.


Place Them Anywhere!

Small and compact, FreshSac is undetectable under sheets, blankets, pillows, in closets, or anywhere else you may want to fight dust mites. Even fits neatly in your wallet or purse so you can be sure everywhere you stay in is mite-free.


Long-Lasting Relief

Each FreshSac is effective for up to 3 months thanks to advanced slow-release barrier technology.


FreshSac Customers

The Air Feel’s & Smells Soo Fresh. Huge Difference!

starsMaria O. - Jun 3, 2022

My whole family had been waking up for a long time with stuffy noses and sneezing fits. We tried everything, but nothing was working. We bought some for our bedroom and within 2 days we were feeling better! After that, I bought some for the rest of the bedrooms, as well as the couches and chairs in the house! Since then, my family and I have been feeling so much better, no more sneezing and runny noses! Personally I’ve been sleeping a lot better now that I’m not constantly congested.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Our Indoor Allergy Problems Solved!

starsTim F. - May 29, 2022

I’ve always had allergies, and nothing seemed to ever help make it better, mattress covers, cleaning, vacuuming, nothing. Finally, I decided to try something new and came across these. I notice a HUGE difference after putting them under my bed, no more stuffy nose, headache, watery eyes. After that, I put them in the rest of my house and my symptoms cleared up, almost completely. It is SO nice to have relief after years of allergies!

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Everyone Needs These In Their home!

starsPete R. - May 17, 2022

I put these under the couch cushions and mattresses. Within 24 hours, I noticed I didn’t have that constant sinus pressure from allergies and I realized it was because of the FreshSac! I went back online and purchased more for the rest of the furniture in my house. These are amazing and I’m so happy I found them! These are also great for traveling, you can easily tuck them at the top of your bag and keep the allergens out of your clothes - and your hotel room!

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Amazing Product!

starsOlivia J. - Apr 20, 2022

The scent is great, but not overwhelming. I love that they are made from natural oils and are a natural bug repellent as I do not want any strong chemicals near my kids. I feel better hanging these in my closet and under couches and mattresses. I thoroughly am a little less anxious knowing I have them. I plan on getting more of these.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

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We Are Sure You Are Going to Love Your FreshSac Dust Mite Destroyer

But in case you're not satisfied, we are offering you our 30-day money-back guarantee. Return your package for a full refund.


What are the ingredients in FreshSac?

FreshSac is made entirely of natural plant extracts, including lemon eucalyptus leaf, citronella extract, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, lavender, oil, peppermint, and tea tree oil.

How many come in each order?

There are 10 individually wrapped packets in each box.

How long do they last?

Each bag lasts up to 3 months, just replace the packet and you’re good to go!

How much area does one FreshSac cover?

Think in terms of places in your house that you want to protect. For example, one FreshSac can be placed under your mattress, another packet should be placed under your couch cushions, another in your closet, etc.